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What is GO FLExTRIP ?

GO FLExTRIP is an optional add-on benefit available for certain travel itineraries booked through any airline carrier or agent that allows you to receive reimbursement when you cancel your trip for any reason at least 48 hours before your departure date and before the benefit end date, as defined by the benefit terms & conditions. You may receive reimbursement of up to the amount stated on your schedule of benefits, which is up to 90% of your nonrefundable prepaid expenses. Simply provide your flight information at the time of purchase benefit. This benefit is a cancellation fee waiver and is not an insurance product.

When do I need to cancel my trip Itinerary by to be eligible for GO FLExTRIP reimbursement ?

You must cancel your trip with your airline carrier prior to the restricted period, which includes the 48 hours before your original scheduled departure date. The benefit end date is the date by which you need to cancel before original date of trip in order to be eligible for benefits and is listed on your schedule of benefits. Below are illustrative examples of eligible and non-eligible trip cancellation:


  • For a flight departing on June 14th, you cancel before 11:59 PM on June 11th

This cancellation meets eligibility requirements

  • For a flight departing on June 14th, you cancel before 11:59 PM on June 12th

This cancellation does not meet eligibility requirements.

Will I receive reimbursement from GO FLExTRIP if I receive credit or voucher for my cancelled trip ?

If you have purchased GO FLExTRIP and receive a travel credit or airline voucher for your cancelled itinerary, your eligibility for reimbursement from GO FLExTRIP may be delayed until the credit or voucher expires or is forfeited by its own terms and conditions. If the credit or voucher expires or is forfeited, you may reopen your request for benefit.

If you are charged and pay an additional penalty fee due to cancellation to receive or use a travel credit or voucher provided for your cancelled itinerary, you may make a request to receive reimbursement for those penalty fees charged and paid due to cancellation, regardless of credit or voucher status or when fee is charged.


Cancellation fees charged by airlines may go by different names, but only fees that were charged and paid directly as a result of trip cancellation will be eligible for reimbursement. 

Am I eligible to receive this benefit for itineraries purchased with frequent flyer points or other travel credits ?

This benefit is available for itineraries paid with any credit card or debit card. This benefit is not available, however, for travel purchased with travel award credits such as points, vouchers, credits, coupons or similar programs offered by travel suppliers.

*Can I add GO FLExTRIP to an existing itinerary ?

Yes you can. Add GO FLExTRIP benefit as soon as possible after your flight is fully booked but no later than 96 hours before the departure day.

What if I change my original flight itinerary after the purchase date ?

If you change your original flight itinerary, it is your responsibility to contact us as soon as possible to determine if your enrollment in this benefit can be reissued. Please note, GO FLExTRIP only applies to the one original eligible trip itinerary unless the benefit administrator is able to reissue the benefit for an updated itinerary. In some cases, the benefit administrator may be able to reissue your benefit for your updated itinerary. If the benefit administrator is not able to reissue your benefit or you do not contact the benefit administrator, reimbursement may only be provided based on the original amount as stated in your original schedule of benefits.  

Benefit administer cannot amend your benefit to include newly added itinerary components or costs, GO FLExTRIP only applies to flight-related purchases

Is GO FLExTRIP available for purchase around the World ?

Yes, GO FLExTRIP is available for purchase around the World . We are reserves the right to limit purchase of GO FLExTRIP at any time.  

Is GO FLExTRIP available for all itineraries ?

Yes, GO FLExTRIP is available for all itineraries. Currently, GO FLExTRIP is only available for stand-alone airfare and does not include packaged travel purchases such as flight + hotel, cruise and/or car rentals. Other factors such as the total trip cost may impact the availability of the benefit for your itinerary. We are also reserves the right to limit purchase of GO FLExTRIP at any time.

When does the GO FLExTRIP benefit end ?

The GO FLExTRIP benefit is in effect unless you cancel your benefit, or until you or eligible beneficiary submit a request for reimbursement on a cancelled flight, or you reach your benefit end date. The GO FLExTRIP benefit does not apply during travel or to travel interruptions or return flights. 

How is Price of GO FLExTRIP calculated ?

GO FLExTRIP benefit price is fixed up to $499.99 travel cost per person, then we charge 2% on every $250.00 from your reimbursement. Below are illustrative examples.

$500,00-$750,00. 2%

$750,01-$1000,00. 4%

And so on.

Do I need an account to purchase benefits?

No you do not need an account to purchase benefits from GO FLExTRIP. But you will need create an account to apply for reimbursement.